Preventative Health Services

The dietitian at Princess Park Clinic provides individualised dietary advice to help improve health and prevent or manage chronic disease.

Some conditions that the dietitian can assist with include weight management, pre-diabetes & diabetes, high blood pressure,
high cholesterol, osteoporosis, chronic constipation/diarrhoea and diverticular disease to name a few. Please ask your doctor if you are eligible for a Medicare rebate for your visit.

Princess Park Clinic provide an immunisation service that includes childhood, travel, seasonal (flu) and employment vaccinations (hepatitis B, tetanus etc.)


Here at Princess Park Clinic, we care about all the men out there. So we have developed a health program specifically designed for busy men who wish to do something about improving their health.

The aim of the men's health check is to identify risks and put strategies in place to prevent ill health. If a health problem exists, then by detecting the problem early we can aim for better management of the problem, and minimise complications.

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Our friendly nurses offer a nail cutting service for patients who have difficulty managing this for themselves. Please call our friendly reception staff to make an appointment.

Our dedicated Nurse, Kathy conducts personalised weight management sessions. Patients have a weekly appointment for a period of 12 weeks where the Nurse will discuss diet and exercise and give patients support and tools to assist them on their weight loss journey.

Dr David Coulthard conducts full skin checks including photography and dermatoscopy using ‘Skinscope technology’. A variety of surgical and non surgical treatments for pre-cancerous lesions are available.